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Sitewide Backlinks

In SEO, getting high value backlinks requires a lot of work. Sitewide Backlinks are links that link to every page in a blog, also referred to as blogroll. These links are effective links and useful in boosting website ranking and building website´s authority. As much as these links are important they also stir up a lot of controversy depending on their usage. A lot of care should be taken when using Sitewide Backlinks to avoid any Google penalties.

Sitewide Backlinks

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Sitewide Backlinks

It is recommended that sitewide links be used in moderation and in a controlled fashion. Qualified SEO professionals are able to create and enjoy the benefits of using sitewide links on their websites without risking Google penalties through abuse. The Sitewide Backlinks package has been designed with this in mind. Enjoy the acquired knowledge and experience that has been used in creating this useful SEO product.

Sitewide BacklinksThe package comes with high value PR8-9 Dofollow backlinks to effectively pass valuable link juice to your money pages to boost their ranking in SERPs; the relevant anchor text will also be placed appropriately. These Dofollow links come from High Authority blogs. Take advantage of the special offer of 3 PR8 Sitewide Backlinks at the reduced price of R1350.00.

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