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Facebook Shares

Facebook is the largest social network in existence today. With more and more people joining the network today, this status will not be changing anytime soon. Having a Facebook presence is a necessity for any business operating in this day and age. It is also vital for your website to have a Facebook share button for users to conveniently use to share content they find useful on it. When users share content from your website by clicking on the Facebook share button this is automatically linked to their news feed.

Facebook Shares

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Facebook Shares

The Facebook view shares feature allows Facebook users to check which pages are popular among their network of friends. Once they see this they are able to decide whether they will follow that link to see what their friends are sharing. The fact that this feature provides data on how many friends have shared a certain link enables users to gauge the level of popularity of a certain link. This means that Facebook users are bound to follow links their friends share and in turn will share the same.

The Facebook Shares package is guaranteed to increase your website’s exposure and ultimately promote your brand. Grow your brand's visibility with this affordable package.

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