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.gov Backlinks

A backlink from a .gov website will improve the ranking of a web page. SEO starts with good on-page optimisation by providing relevant content on the website and user-friendly navigation. 3 .gov backlinks can make the website more appealing to search engines.

.gov Backlinks

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.gov Backlinks

The quality and number of backlinks that a website gets are used by search engines to determine the ranking of the website on the results pages. The more quality backlinks that a site has, the better its ranking will be. .Gov backlinks are considered as the highest quality backlinks. That means the more backlinks from a .gov website you have, the better the visibility of your website.

It is difficult to get .gov backlinks on your own. Sites with .gov extensions belong to government organisations and getting a link directing to your website will improve the page ranking. Experts estimate that a single .gov backlink is equivalent to at least ten backlinks from a .com website.

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