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LinkedIn Shares

LinkedIn is a massive professional sharing network with over 277 million registered members worldwide. The network provided by LinkedIn is useful as it includes important demographic information that is vital when promoting products over the network. The demographics information allows companies promoting their products to identify their targeted consumer base and thus have the best exposure on this targeted consumer base. Most websites have LinkedIn share buttons at either the bottom or top of their sites. These buttons enable easy sharing of content on these websites over the LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Shares

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LinkedIn Shares

Clearspring is a provider of these share buttons. According to their data LinkedIn shares are at least as effective as twitter and Facebook likes. LinkedIn drives up to 1.5 clicks back to the original website. This is higher than other social networks. This means that LinkedIn shares are more effective in promoting products and websites than other social network shares.

The LinkedIn Shares package guarantees a minimum of 700 linked in connections completely rolled out in 2-3 business days. This is a new product that you will not find anywhere else. Get ahead of all your competitors and have the most effective product promotion network to boost your business. Grow your LinkedIn network with the LinkedIn Shares package.

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