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Kindly contact our customer service team, and we'll thoroughly review your project settings to identify and implement a solution. You can always find online chat support in the bottom right corner for immediate assistance.
Your Bounce Rate represents the proportion of visitors who viewed just one page of your site before exiting or navigating away from your URL. Note that a higher Bounce Rate can reduce your traffic as browsers must be closed swiftly to prevent inflating page views per visit.
You will receive one 30th of your monthly traffic volume on a daily basis. For example, if you purchase an Ultimate plan with a monthly volume of one million hits (Page views) and 333,333 visits, you will receive up to 33,333 hits and 11,111 visits from us every day.

Our traffic is automated, generated using real web browsers with automation to mimic human behaviour. However, please note that this traffic does not result in purchases. We assure you that all traffic sent to your website will be visible in your Google Analytics dashboard.

The majority of our clients utilize our services to enhance their website traffic metrics. We specialize in optimizing bounce rate, return rate, and session time. Additionally, we can boost your traffic volume, organic reach, and social media traffic, along with enhancing various other aspects of your website's traffic.

Certainly, our method is completely secure for PPC ads. We refrain from clicking on ads, ensuring compliance with the guidelines set by PPC programs and providers. Specifically with Adsense, we don't load the ads, so naturally, there won't be any impressions.